New site redesign up!

I guess we should do this more often, put up a notice when we’ve done some work with that we like… But at least this time I remembered!

Have a look at and let us know what you think! I really like this site for this company… It’s dynamic, exciting, and full of information from a person who really knows what they’re doing in the travel business… And is herself a dynamic and energetic person , So the site actually fits her own persona and personality…

Although there is a lot of whiz bang on the site, this is not a terribly expensive side to build, though it can be time-consuming in certain aspects… But because it is built from a WordPress theme that can be bought and installed, it’s much cheaper and easier to build than building anything like this from scratch… And obviously, since we specialize in WordPress, this is a good example of what we’re talking about.

Have a look at, tell them I sent you if you go through them for your travel needs… We think you’ll like it!